Webinare CAN Basics and CANopen

Benefit from MicroControl’s expertise in CAN and CANopen to improve the skills of your staff and increase the competitiveness of your company. In our exclusive webinars you will discover the opportunities of bus technology for future applications. MicroControl’s presence in the various BUS markets ensures relevant and up-to-date contents of the workshop.

Do not miss the opportunity:

CAN Basics: 09/10 November 2021
CANopen: 16/17 November 2021
from 2.00 – 6.00 p.m. (German time)

Contents CAN Basics:

  • Differentiation from other field bus systems
  • Bus physics (cable lengths / levels / driver components)
  • CAN protocol (data frames / bus access)
  • Introduction to CAN FD (Flexible Data Rate)
  • Trouble shooting
  • Features of different CAN components
  • Measuring CAN signals
  • Analysis of CAN networks


Contents CANopen:

  • CANopen communication profile (CiA 301)
  • Access to the object dictionary via SDO
  • Communication of process data via PDO
  • Monitoring of devices and network management (NMT)
  • Electronic Data Sheet (EDS und DCF)
  • CANopen device- and application profiles (CiA 4xx)
  • CANopen Master and CANopen Slave
  • Systems design
  • Analyses and trouble shooting
  • Sample applications

The webinare are held in 2 compacten sessions of 4 hrs each via Zoom which will save time and ressources. The webinars will be held in German or English as desired.


MicroControl also offers individual webinars which are tailored to the requirements of your company, the skills of your staff and your current projects.