Anti-collision systems –
small modules, big effects

Construction sites have tight deadlines for completion. In addition, there are limited space conditions and architectural specifications.

Cranes are of great importance in the interaction of the various trades on site. Only with their help heavy loads can be moved efficiently.

It is largely within the responsibility of the machine operator to protect the people working on the construction site and to avoid accidents.

Anti-collision systems for cranes today help to create safety for people and machinery on site.

Modules and control systems from MicroControl work efficiently in this field of application. They not only ensure data transmission from the measuring spot to the interface, but are also well suited for the harsh working environment in the construction industry.

crane above high-rise buildings, Logo MicroControl

µCAN-BOX and µCAN-TRS modules are used where sensors and actuator have to work reliably in harshest environments:

  • cranes and road construction machinery
  • off-road and heavy duty vehicles
  • tractors and harvesters
  • wind- and solar power plants

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mobile crane on construction site