Lead times in Danger?
Benefit from MicroControl as reliable lifecycle partner

As you are certainly aware, not only the automotive industry has to cope with delivery problems. Currently, a lot of industries are facing bottlenecks and postponements, especially applications using microchips are affected. Long leadtimes have become the new normal.

In order to meet the scheduled delivery dates, we will have to be flexible. As we have already proven during the Covid crisis, MicroControl is well-prepared due to the measures taken in warehousing, a reliable network of suppliers and our flexible production team. MicroControl will continue to be your reliable lifecycle partner and able to meet our customers’ needs!

If modules ordered in the past are currently not available, MicroControl will offer alternative solutions, as our systems have a modular structure and we employ a variety of microcontrollers in our products.

In addition, we advise and accompany our customers in search for the best available solution from our comprehensive set of modular components.

And thanks to our protocol stacks a quick and easy redesign of existing systems is also possible. Our modules can be modified without effort and at low costs.

„The electronic industry has been facing bottlenecks in delivery of semiconductors since the beginning of this year. In my opinion, the situation will not improve before 2023. We can meet the current shortages by purchasing in the global markets and by a mutual long-term requirements planning.“

Frank Wielpütz, CEO Sales

You are looking for an individual solution?

MicroControl’s standard products perform reliably in most measurement tasks. However, if our standard modules do not fulfill your requirements, MicroControl’s development and manufacturing teams will assist you in finding an efficient individual solution, such as custom modules, individual connectors or additional functions.