Medical technology –
What is technology which makes the difference?

During surgery reliability in the process and precision count. After all, it is life that matters.

Not only the surgery team have to cooperate in an optimal way. Also, the technology supporting the team during surgery must work smoothly.

Whether it is the operating table, the lighting or mechanical ventilators – it is always about precision, reliability and longevity.

As systems provider of automation technology, MicroControl has a wealth of experience in providing control systems and bus technology which meets the needs of demanding medical purposes.

operating room

We closely liaise with our customers to develop individual CAN-based solutions and guarantee long-term availability of our hard- and software components.

And, as it is life that matters in medical technology, full transparency in all stages of development, manufacturing and calibration of our products by offering regular audits as well as comprehensive documentation.

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Operating room and table with Logo MicroControl