FrOSCon Conference 2023 –
Exciting training opportunities for development engineers

Our development engineers took part in this year’s FrOSCon, a renowed conference for open source tools and free software. The event is organized in close liaison with the Bonn Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences and provides a unique opportunity for technical training and exchange.

The FrOSCon is well-known for its top-class lectures, workshops and discussions dealing with the latest developments in the field of Open Source technology. Our development engineers appreciatd the opportunity to learn from the leading experts of the industry, explore innovative ideas and gain valuable knowledge which will take their skills to a new level.


We are convinced that this experience will not only advance our developers professionally, but will also contribute to promoting our innovative projects in the field of embedded software development.

We are looking forward to the impulses that our developers have brought back from this event.


Let’s grow and learn together!

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