Integrated solutions for

mobile and stationary test benches

All in one automation controller, top-hat rail and IoT-gateway: as manufacturer of the innovative control system µMIC.200 we are happy to offer our customers a comprehensive solution for measurement data acquisition in mobile and stationary test benches.

The technology enables companies to precisely record, process and analyse data. This optimizes production processes and improves product quality. For this purpose, the unit is equipped with various fieldbus interfaces. Also, the controller can be programmed in C/C++ or Node-RED, as desired.

The versatility of the µMIC.200 allows our customers to acquire any signal in the system. Decentralized CAN modules – for temperature or pressure sensors, for example – acquire the analogue signals and pre-process them before sending them on to the control unit. This avoids the need for external processing units which in turn increases efficiency as well as reduces potential sources of error.

CANopen automation controller µMIC.200

A practical application example of this technology is its use in the automotive industry where mobile test benches equipped with the µMIC.200 CANopen automation controller are used to test and optimize the performance of engines. By continuously recording and analysing temperature, pressure and torque signals, our customers are able to further develop their products and meet increasing market requirements.

Enginge test bench equipped with automation controller µMIC.200, Logo MicroControl

Our solution offers a number of advantages for your company:

  • Flexibility: the µMIC.200 IoT gateway can be seamlessly integrated into mobile and stationary test benches. This provides the necessary flexibility to measure signals in different environments and also to react quickly to changing conditions.
  • Reliability: our technology facilitates precise recording and processing of measurement data, thus increasing accuracy and reliability of the results.
  • Scalability: the µMIC.200 automation controller can be easily scaled according to the requirements of the respective project and users benefit from a cost-efficient solution..


The integration of mobile and stationary test benches which use the µMIC.200 as an IoT gateway offers our customers a powerful solution for precise measurement data acquisition and processing.

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