Solar Power Plants –
The key to comprehensive and precise recording of operating data in the desert

MicroControl’s automation solutions work reliably even in the toughest conditions. Our modules are designed to acquire precise operating data even in extreme circumstances. For example, in a solar power plant in the middle of a desert.

Our solutions for solar power plants:

  • accurate positioning of the panels
  • reliable acquisition of temperatures in panels, tubes and generators
  • controlling and data acquisition by Linux computer
Solar field, Logo MicroControl

MicroControl stands out for precision, reliability and ruggedness. Our automation solutions help to use the power of the sun efficiently.

We offer I/O-boxes and control units that can withstand the harshest environmental conditions while providing world-class results. And because MicroControl products integrate easily, they offer a fast and cost-effective way to optimize existing plants and systems.

I/O modules robust

And what is more, they do not only work reliably in the desert, but in coldest polar regions as well.

Your are looking for an automation solution? Just feel free to contact us. We look forward to your message!

Solar panels and wind turbines