Dezentralized Measurement Data Acquisition –

Here: in a Biogas Plant

The background:

The efficient control of systems is essential in modern energy generation. This application report highlights the use of the µMIC.200 compact CANopen automation controller in a biogas plant where decentralized measurement data acquisition via CANopen plays a key role.

The challenge:

In biogas plants, numerous parameters need to be monitored in real time to ensure optimum energy yield. The challenge is to find a cost-efficient solution for decentralized measurement data acquisition that also saves space and is easy to programme.

The solution:

The µMIC.200 CANopen automation controller proved to be the ideal solution. Equipped with CANopen capabilities, it facilitates smooth integration into the biogas plant’s existing network. Decentralized measurement data acquisition is carried out directly in the automation controller, creating an efficient and space-saving solution.

Compact CAN controller µMIC.200

The functions:

  • Decentralized measurement data acquisition: the µMIC.200 permits simultaneous acquisition and processing of data from various sensors and actuators throughout the biogas plant.
  • On-site evaluation: the automation control unit analyses the recorded data directly on site and, thus, facilitates quick reactions to changing conditions or errors.
  • Programmable flexibility: the µMIC.200 can be programmed flexibly via C/C++ or Node-RED for easy customization to the specific requirements of the biogas plant.
Logo Node-RED
Logo C/C++

The results:

Using the µMIC.200 not only reduced the costs of external data acquisition systems, but also minimized the space required. The biogas plant benefits from an efficient and reliable control system that facilitates reactions to changing conditions directly on site.

Biogas plant, Logo MicroControl

The prospects:

The successful integration of the µMIC.200 in this biogas plant illustrates the potential of this automation controller for decentralized measurement data acquisition in various energy generation applications. The flexibility in programming facilitates future adaptations and extensions to meet changing requirements.

With the µMIC.200, we set a milestone in decentralized control technology. We would be happy to learn about your requirements and how we can support your company on the path to greater efficiency and flexibility.