Control Technology for the Future – μMIC.200:

Quick start with easy Node-RED programming

The μMIC.200 family from MicroControl is an innovative control system which is capable of more than a traditional industrial control unit can offer and it can easily be programmed in Node-RED. Intuitive, quick and secure programming through its graphic user interface offers clear advantages:

  • quick results for prompt application
  • 2 CAN-, 2 Ethernet- and 2 serial interfaces
  • C/C++ programming for more demanding tasks

Real-time Linux, Ethernet, CAN, USB plus individual electronics – MicroControl has integrated all this in a space-saving casing which can comfortably be placed on a DIN top-hat rail – ideally suited for harsh environments.

By using Node-RED in combination with the μMIC.200 we created a reliable control unit which is ideally suited for industrial applications at a favorable price-performance ratio. Quick and comfortable.

Just contact us for more information about the µMIC 200!