Digital Revolution in Measurement Technology

Our new circuit board, which can be installed directly in the sensor, revolutionizes the way sensor data is recorded and processed.

By integrating this board into the sensor, the entire sensor is digitized, enabling more precise and faster data acquisition. This offers significant advantages for various industries that depend on accurate and reliable measurements.

µCAN-Sensor board and Euro coin

Benefits of the new MicroControl PCB:

  • Seamless integration: • Seamless integration: the board can be installed directly in the sensor, providing a compact and efficient solution.
  • Hihg-precision digitization: analogue measurement signals such as current, voltage, temperature and pressure are precisely digitized.
  • Versatile interfaces: supports digital interfaces such as CAN, CANopen, CANopen FD as well as J1939 and facilitates simple integration into existing systems.
  • Reliability and stability: digitization within the sensor minimizes interference and increases reliability.
OEM-Sensorplatine front and back

Version PCB (OEM)

Transmitter module analogue and temperature acquisiton

Version Transmitter IP67

Easy implementation and provision of samples:

We are also happy to offer you a sampling service. This will give you the opportunity to test our new technology in your specific application and experience the benefits first-hand. Simply get in touch, have your questions clarified and receive a sample.

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