New generation: digital modules in action –

Ensure stability of concrete pumps

On a building site, all trades and workers often have tight time schedule and sometimes they will not wait until e.g. concrete pumps with booms of up to 50 m is fully stabilized. Time is money after all!

The new generation of MicroControl’s digital CAN modules helps to prevent concrete pumps from tipping over, as the robust 8-channel CAN bus modules control the vehicle’s supports and release the boom only if all supports have reached a stable position.

The MicroControl I/O modules of the µCAN-BOX product family provide the link for digital and analogue networking by CAN bus. The premium electronics of our μCAN modules facilitates connection of a wide range of sensors and actuators.

Due to their rugged design, the modules can be installed directly at the signal source – even in harsh environments. An additional cabinet in not necessary. The electronics of the µCAN-BOX series is tightly packed in a rugged aluminium casing (IP66 rated). Signal wires are connected via high-quality cable glands or M12 plug-in connectors.

 BOX module in working in harsh environment

The 8 terminals of the µCAN.8.dio-BOX can be used as digital inputs or ditial outputs as desired. In the module the digital signals are preprocessed and filtered. The CAN interface supports the protocols CANopen, CANopen FD and J1939.

SNAP modules – the solution for control cabinets

The modules of the SNAP series brings about the advantages and performance of digital CAN networks for control cabinets. The 22,5 mm SNAP casings can be mounted to a TS35 top hat rail. Other features are space-saving design, low weight and a functional structure.

The modules are equipped with a high-speed CAN interface to connect sensors and actuators to a digital CAN network. The CAN interface supports CAN 2.0A and CAN 2.0B, thus supporting the layer-7 protocols CANopen, CANopen FD, J1939 and a multitude of vendor-specific variants (Raw CAN).

MicroControl rail module open casing

The µCAN.8.dio-SNAP is a freely configurable digital I/O modules with 8 channels. Address and bit rate may be set via code switch or by CAN bus (LSS, CiA 305).

µCAN.8.dio-BOX and µCAN.8.dio-SNAP features

  • Digital input or output

  • Galvanically isolated fieldbus

  • Inputs or outputs freely configurable

  • Each output to be charged with max. 1 A

  • Output drivers supplied separately

  • Current measurement per output

  • Status indication for each input / output

  • Protected against mechanical impact

  • Fieldbus CAN / CAN FD

  • Protocol CANopen / CANopen FD

  • Protocol J1939 / Raw CAN